Genetic Screening and Information Resources Available to the Public

Genetic Screening for the Public:
23andme will give you useful and scientifically valid genetic information at a good price

23andme is a website with a focus on genetic testing  for the public.   A kit is mailed to you and has a Q-tip that is used to collect a cheek swab.  This picks up DNA from the cheek.  In 3 weeks you will receive an email notice that your testing is complete.

For $499 (5.8.10) you can have your genome scanned and “own your data”.  This is not a complete scan of the human genome, which still costs $20,000.   23andme scans about 500,000 genes (complete gene scanning is over 2 million genes).

Would you like to know which diseases (based on present genetic science) you might be at higher (or lower) risk for?   Disease risk is reported as higher risk for a disease, average risk, and lower risk (based on the average).    For example the average colon cancer risk is reported at 6.1%, and an individual may have an increased risk of 7.9%.

Other services offered at 23andme:

  1. Disease risk (for example, Type 1 Diabetes, 1.5% individual risk vs. 1.0% ave. risk)
  2. Carrier status (for example,Familial Hypercholesterolemia Type B – Variant is Absent)
  3. Drug response (for example, Coumadin = Typical, Caffeine Metabolism = Fast Metabolizer, Plavix = Typical, Birth Control Pills in Women and Risk of Clots = Typical)
  4. Traits (for example, brown eyes, likely lactose tolerant, likely sprinter, HDL cholesterol = typical, resistance to AIDS)
  5. Health Labs (for example, how much of your weight can you blame on obesity?  what is your risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years?)
  6. My ancestry
  7. Sharing and community

SNP Pedia (Note: A “SNP” is a change in a gene code, which changes gene expression)

SNPedia is a wiki investigating human genetics. We share information about the effects of variations in DNA, citing peer-reviewed scientific publications. It is used to analyze and help explain your DNA.

Popular SNPedia Subjects

rs1815739 sprinters vs endurance athletes
rs4481887 “asparagus anosmia”, the inability to smell the methanethiol produced after eating asparagus
rs7412 and rs429358 can raise the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by more than 10x
rs6152 can influence baldness
rs333 resistance to HIV
rs1800497 in a dopamine receptor may influence the sense of pleasure
rs1805007 determines red hair and sensitivity to anesthetics
rs9939609 triggers obesity and type-2 diabetes
rs662799 prevents weight gain from high fat diets
rs7495174 green eye color and rs12913832 for blue eye color
rs7903146 in 3% of the population greatly increases the risk of type-2 diabetes
rs12255372 linked to type-2 diabetes and breast cancer
rs1799971 makes alcohol cravings stronger
rs17822931 determines earwax
rs4680 varied cognitive effects
rs1333049 coronary heart disease
rs1801133 folate metabolism and several cancers
rs1051730 and rs3750344 nicotine dependence
rs3057 perfect musical pitch
rs4988235 lactose intolerance