Case: 60 yr old golfer with neck and arm pain due to a herniated disc

Unable to play golf due to severe disc, neck, & arm pain:

  1. Severe neck pain radiating into the shoulder and down the arm for 1 month
  2. Inability to sleep well
  3. Irritability, worsening mood, and difficulty concentrating
  4. Taking narcotics for pain
  5. Unable to play golf
  6. Concerned about being able to play golf again due to severity of pain and possible spine surgery
  7. MRI scan showed bulging disc/ruptured disc, but was not a clear study due to patient movement while in pain in the scanner
  8. Discussing spinal neck surgery with a neurosurgeon for correction of disc problem with spinal nerve root symptoms and pain

Outcome: He improved rapidly and played his 1st pain-free golf 3 weeks after starting the program

Bulging or Herniated Disc

Bulging or Herniated Dis

Sleep issue resolved

Neck pain resolved

Pain into shoulder and down arm resolved

Mood improved

Off narcotic pain meds and onto natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fish oils, that are ESSENTIAL to healing and normal cellular function

In general, had a feeling of well-being with improved productive energy

How we approached his sleep and pain issues:
See 1-4 Below

Reducing Inflammation Has Many Benefits

#1: Improve SLEEP DISRUPTION ( defined as a lack of at least 6 hours of DEEP RESTORATIVE sleep)

  1. Lack of DRS (deep restorative sleep) Increases pain:
    1. Increases inflammation which worsens swelling and pain
    2. Poor mood lowers the pain threshold
  2. Poor sleep worsens mood and leads to depression:
    1. 3 nights of poor sleep can trigger loss of neurotransmitters like serotonin
    2. After a week of poor sleep, many people will test positive for DEPRESSION
    3. Feel good neurotransmitters are produced during DEEP RESTORATIVE SLEEP
    4. ANABOLIC HORMONES (like testosterone and growth hormone) are produced during  DEEP SLEEP
      1. So, lowering of BODY BUILDING hormones, and increasing STRESS/INFLAMMATORY hormones like cortisol, and adrenalin
  3. Poor sleep disrupts eating patterns and promotes WEIGHT GAIN/FAT GAIN:
    1. By increasing CORTISOL and STRESS HORMONES, cravings for sugar and carbs are triggered
    2. Weight gain is common due to inflammation, carb cravings, and hormonal imbalances

Sleep is critical. This shows FAT LOSS/WEIGHT LOSS while sleeping.


  1. Stop Narcotics
    1. Narcotics do not allow sleep to progress into the DEEPER STAGES
      1. Sleep is shallow and the poor sleep quality can lead to declining mood
      2. Narcotics mask pain, but do not reduce inflammation and swelling
  2. Start Natural Anti-inflammatory Supplements
    1. Natural inflammatory supplements improve the cause of the pain
      1. Reduce inflammation
      2. Reduce swelling
      3. Reduced swelling and inflammation may reduce pressure on the nerve root, thus reducing symptoms
    2. Examples:  curcumin, proteolytic enzymes, boswellia, resveratrol, quercetin, rutin, ginger, rosemary, ecklonia cava

#3: His Dietary Recommendations:

  1. Avoid all sugars.
  2. Avoid white flour and all refined carbohydrates including cereals and pasta.
  3. Get a balance of omega 3’s (salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna) and omega 9 fats (olive oil, olives, almonds, hazelnuts, avocados).
  4. Eat protein at every meal including fish, chicken and lean meat.
  5. Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils and fried foods.
  6. Cook with olive oil, coconut oil, or macadamia nut oil at low heat.
  7. Snack on vegetables and small amounts of nuts, olives or avocado.
  8. Incorporate fiber into the diet.  Vegetables are a good source.

#4: Natural Supplement Recommendations:

Silent Inflammation is the Silent Killer

  1. Antioxidants:
    1. R-Lipoic Acid
    2. Product recommendation: Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer by Life Extension
    3. CoQ10
    4. Many others available
    5. Vitamin D: (Vitamin D Supreme by DFH)
  2. Natural anti-inflammatory Supplements
    1. Inflammatone: a multi-ingredient anti-inflammatory by DFH
    2. MSM is found in many joint health formulations: like ArthroSoothe by Designs for Health
  3. Omega-3 Fish Oils – many products are available – Dose: 2-4 grams a day
  4. Natural sleep formulas:
    1. Insomnitol by DFH
    2. Melatonin
    3. Epsom Salt baths (magnesium sulfate crystals)
    4. Many others to choose from
  5. Other
    1. MyoSedate by DFH is an example of a natural muscle relaxing formula
    2. SAMe: is a natural supplement that may improve mood, reduce pain, and is a very popular mood enhancer in Europe and the US