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Mark Houston, MD – 10 Case Examples – Reversing Heart Problems | PrepareMD

10 Case Examples – Mark Houston, MD, Famous Expert in Heart Disease
The Best Approach to Healing Your Heart

Providing a bridge between the best of traditional medicine, and the best of alternative medicine.

Why show you this information? Mark Houston, MD is a world leader in reversing heart disease. What does he do for himself and his patients?

The Hypertension and Vascular Institute – Vanderbilt
A Great Doctor – Mark Houston, MD

Background: Why follow Mark Houston, MD’s advice?

The Hypertension Institute of Nashville, and Mark Houston MD, specializes in the prevention  of high blood pressure, vascular aging, heart disease and aging. Dr. Houston has done extensive research, and developed very EFFECTIVE and SAFE NATURAL supplements for these problems.

Dr. Houston’s uses his supplements: VasculoSirt™ LINK
His patients have major heart and blood pressure issues. By combining natrual and traditional medicine, his patients can get of 50% of their medications, and improve their heart function. –  10 cases below

Dr. Houston has other vascular supplements, including EFA-Sirt Supreme™ (Essential fatty acids with DHA, EPA, GLA and gamma/delta vitamin E), ResveraSirt-HP™ (high potency pure 250 mg trans-resveratrol) and LipidSirt™ (a combination of supplements to improve dyslipidemia).

Dr. Houston uses THE MOST ADVANCED MEDICAL TESTING in the world for his research: > 1,000 people tested

For 2 years, Dr. Houston’s supplement, VasculoSirt™, has been studied prospectively in a 1,000 patients.  1st, what are these tests; 2nd, 10 cases.

Advanced Testing of the Heart and Arteries
4 Tests Used by Dr. Houston

Test #1: Computerized Arterial Pulse Wave CAPWA:
Why this test? Your arteries should be elastic – not stiff.

This is a noninvasive vascular test that measures arterial compliance (elasticity) and endothelial function of small and large arteries. This is a measure of vascular health and vascular aging. This test correlates with future vascular events, such as myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, stroke and renal disease. The small artery compliance is called C2, and the large arterial compliance is called C1. The larger the number the more elastic and healthy is the arterial system. Normal range, which is gender and age adjusted, is usually over 6.0, but will vary.

Test #2: Electron Beam CAT Scan EBT – Heart Saver CT
Too much calcium in your arteries means trouble.

EBT measures coronary artery calcification and thus coronary artery obstruction. It is highly predictive of coronary heart disease and future myocardial infarction. Normal range is 0 to 30, age adjusted.

Test #3: Carotid Intimal Medial Thick CIMT and Duplex
Your arteries that feed your brain should be clear.

Ultrasound of the internal carotid arteries measures the thickness of the intima and well as obstructive disease in the carotid arteries. This predicts vascular disease, stroke and myocardial infarction. Normal is no increase in IMT.

Test #4: C-Reactive Protein = Inflammation = A MEASURE OF THE SILENT FIRE WITHIN

This is an inflammatory marker that correlates with vascular inflammation, and future heart attacks, stroke, coronary heart disease, renal disease and aging arteries. Normal range is below 2.0.


CASE #1: 45 yr old w/ very high HBP and inflammation: REVERSED

A 45 year old white male  w/ hypertension HBP. BP is 162/ 94 (HI RISK FOR HEART ATTACK and STROKE). Exam is normal. HSCRP is 3.6 (SILENT INFLAMMATION). CAPWA shows C2 compliance of 2.0 (STIFF ARTERIES). CIMT is increased (CAROTID ARTERY IS AGING), and EBT shows calcium artery score of 102 (ARTERIES IN HIS HEART ARE SILENTLY BECOMING BLOCKED W/ CALCIUM). Other labs are normal. VasculoSirt™ is started at 5 capsules twice per day along with nutritional and exercise recommendations. At 2 months, the BP is 144/ 86, CAPWA shows C2 of 4.0. At 6 months, the BP is 132/ 82, and CAPWA is 6.0. At 1 yr, the CIMT is normal, and EBT calcium score is 86. This case showed improved BP, arterial compliance, CIMT, reversal of EBT calcium score and coronary heart disease (CHD), and a decrease in vascular inflammation. (Editor: all measures of aging of the arteries were reversing with supplements, and diet.)

Case 2: 51 yr old lady  w/ high sugars, overweight, and HBP: IMPROVED

A 51 year old African American female with Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia presents with chest pain and dyspnea. She is not on any medications. BP of 142/90. Lab shows fasting glucose of 166, LDL cholesterol of 133, TG of 498 and HDL 41. HbAIC is 7.8, and CAPWA C2 is 1.5. CIMT is moderately increased without obstruction. TMT is normal. EBT is normal. She is started on DASH 2 diet, exercise and VasculoSirt™ at 5 capsules twice per day. At 3 months, BP is 122/78, FBS is 124 with HBAIC of 6.5, LDL is 122, TG of 358 and HDL of 46 CAPWA is 3.0. Weight is down 10 pounds. At 12 months, the BP is 118/76, FBS is 98. LDL is 110, triglycerides (TG) are 198 and HDL is 47.  CAPWA is 5.0. CIMT has decreased by 20%. Weight is down 15 pounds, and the MR murmur is not heard on exam. (Editor: she had a HUGE reduction in HEART RISK with just the natural use of exercise, diet, and supplements.)

Case 3: 30 yr old w/ VERY EARLY HEART ATTACKS in his family. His arteries were aging rapidly – and SILENTLY. He PROTECTED his GENETIC TENDENCY.

A 30 yr old Caucasian male comes for routine physical exam. Family History is positive for hypertension and early coronary heart disease. History and PE are normal. All labs are normal. BP is 122/78. CAPWA C2 is 4.0. This is very low for a male in this age group. The C2 should be 10-12. This indicates early endothelial (SILENT ARTERY) dysfunction and increased risk for vascular disease and future hypertension. He is started on VasculoSirt™ at 5 capsules twice per day as his only treatment. At 6 months, his BP is 118/76 and CAPWA C2 is 7.0. At 12 mos, his BP is 112/ 74, and CAPWA C2 is 10. EDITOR:  This is a case of SILENT AGING of the arteries in a YOUNG PERSON – HIS ARTERIES WERE VERY STIFF and aging RAPIDLY.

Case 4: 62 yr old w/ CHEST PAIN – REVERSAL of pain and heart blockage

A 62 yr old Caucasian male presents with hypertension and angina (CHEST PAIN). BP is 154/98. PE is otherwise normal. Treadmill Test (TMT) is positive. Coronary arteriogram shows 2 vessel CHD in LCA (left coronary artery) at 40% obstruction and RCA (Right coronary artery) at 55% obstruction. He refuses to take medications and is statin intolerant. He is placed on DASH 2 diet, exercise, cardiac rehab and VasculoSirt™ at 5 capsules twice per day. At 12 months, his TREADMILL STRESS TEST is normal and he has no angina. Repeat coronary arteriogram (RCA) shows LCA at 30% obstruction and RCA at 45 % obstruction. This case indicates possible reversal of obstructive CHD with arteriogram. This may be due to the vitamin K2 MK7 in VasculoSirt™ along with other supporting nutrients. (Editor: REVERSAL of OBSTRUCTION in heart vessels with natural means.  Note: Vitamin K2 MK7 is emerging as a MAJOR VASCULAR and BONE nutrient.  Vitamin K2 helps CALCIUM STAY IN THE BONES and OUT OF THE ARTERIES.  One large study showed up to a 50% decrease in CARDIAC MORTALITY with an effective K2 dose.)

Case 5: 56 yr old, overweight, w/ aging arteries and at risk for heart attack. THE TYPICAL AMERICAN MALE – REVERSAL

A 56 yr old Caucasian male presents with HBP, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, dyslipidemia (hi cholesterol) and obesity. He is 5 ft. 11 in and  245 pounds. BP is 146/9; LDL 168 HDL 45; and TG  246. HSCRP is 5.0, homocysteine 12.5, and CIMT is mildly increased. CAPWA C2 is 3.0 (low). He asks for nutritional treatment only with no medications. He is started on DASH 2 diet/Paleodiet with exercise and weight management classes. VasculoSirt™ is started at 5 capsules twice per day. At 3 months, the weight is down 10 pounds, BP is 132/84; LDL 152; HDL  46; and TG  220. HSCRP is 4.0, homocysteine 10.1, and CIMT is normal. CAPWA C2 is 5.0. This case shows improvement in BP, vascular elasticity and Erectile Dysfunction, carotid artery thickness, homocysteine and vascular inflammationEditor: He REVERSED the aging of his arteries with diet and supplements.

Case 6: 36 yr old lady w/ FATIGUE. THE TYPICAL AMERICAN WOMAN. STRESSED – FATIGUED – DEPLETED.  90% improvement

A 36 year old Caucasian female presents with chronic fatigue and reduced mental focus and memory. All labs are normal except for nutritional deficiency on Spectracell FIA of magnesium and CoQ10 She is started on VasculoSirt™ at 5 caps twice per day. At 6 months, her fatigue is 90 % improved, and mental focus and memory are normal. Repeat FIA (FIA = in depth cellular NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS) is normal. (Editor: Many YOUNG people are breaking down under stress and the NUTRITIONALLY HORRIBLE AMERICAN DIET.  Supplements and REAL FOOD can restore health and energy.)

Case 7: 70 yr old w/ HEART FAILURE – REVERSED

70 year old African American male presents with swelling of legs and mild dyspnea (short of breath). He has interstitial rales in lungs at bases and 2/6 systolic murmur of mitral regurgitation. BP is 124/82. Lab is normal. ECHO shows MR and ejection fraction (EF) of 40% (low) Normal EF is over 55%. This indicates mild congestive heart failure and depressed systolic myocardial function. He does not want prescription medications. He is started on VasculoSirt™ at 5 caps twice per day. At 4 months, the ECHO shows EF of 48% (was 40%). D-Ribose at 5 grams twice per day and additional CoQ10 at 200 mg twice per day are started. At 12 months, the EF is 54% (was 40%). Edema and dyspnea have resolved. (Editor: it used to be felt  that the FUNCTION of the HEART COULD NOT BE REVERSED. Heart function can be DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED w/ supplements, diet, sleep, and weight loss.)


35 year old Caucasian male cyclist presents for annual physical exam. He is interested in improving his exercise performance. Exam is normal, and he feels well. He is started on VasculoSirt™ at 5 capsules twice per day. At 3 mos, he has objectively evaluated his cycling time and speed. He has decreased his time at a ¼ mile sprint by 3 seconds and his one mile speed by 10 seconds. In addition, he notices less fatigue and a faster recovery time based on his heart rate and decreased dyspnea. (Editor: It follows that ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE may improve with nutritional supplements that improve heart function. ATHLETES HAVE MANY MAJOR NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES from DEPLETION. For example MAGNESIUM and ZINC are common deficiencies and can cause severe health problems.)

Case 9: Even YOUNG PEOPLE can completely break down. She strengthened her IMMUNITY and reduced her CANCER RISK > 50%.

A 34 r old African American female presents with extreme fatigue and recurrent respiratory infections. PE is normal. Lab is normal except for vitamin D3 is VERY LOW @ 12, and deficiencies of zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, lipoic acid and CoQ10 on Spectracell FIA and DEXA scan show osteopenia. She is started on VasculoSirt™ at 5 capsules twice per day and a calcium supplement. At 6 months, the Spectracell FIA is normal, and the vitamin D3  is 60. Her symptoms of fatigue have resolved, and she has had no additional respiratory infections. VasculoSirt™ at this dose contains 8,000 IU of vitamin D3 and numerous other nutrients to replace the deficiencies noted.

Case 10: 40 year old with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Reversed w/ CORRECTING LOW NUTRIENTS.

40 year old African American male presents with hypertension. BP is 156/96. His Spectracell FIA shows deficiencies in B6, B12, folate, vitamin C, vitamin D, CoQ10, zinc and magnesium. He is placed only on VasculoSirt™ at 5 capsules twice per day. At 4 months all FIA deficiencies have resolved, and his BP is 132/82.

These cases show that VasculoSirt™ (Dr. Houston’s vitamin, mineral, and supplement formula with 25 natural ingredients) can reverse heart disease:


  1. Improved CAPWA – arteries are more flexible – thus younger
  2. Improved CIMT  – the carotid arteries provide blood to the brain
  3. Improved EBT – less calcium blockage in the heart – calcium should go to your bones
  4. Improved coronary arteriogram and CHD – blockages in the heart arteries
  5. Improved ECHO – even the pumping of the heart is stronger
  6. Reduced vascular inflammation – the internal fire in the arteries is quenched
  7. Reduced blood pressure – the arteries relax
  8. Reduced homocysteine – toxic proteins can increase Alzheimer’s and heart disease
  9. Improved energy and mental focus – the arteries don’t act in isolation
  10. Improved exercise tolerance and performance – all cells produce more energy
  11. Correct NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES  – American’s eat a massive amount of food, but are malnourished. OVERFED and UNDERNOURISHED. The food is empty  – this is a recipe for HEALTH DISASTER and ACCELERATED AGING)