T is for Toxins: Is there a real and relevant threat to our health from ENVIRONMENTAL TOXIC EXPOSURE?

Cardiologist, Steven Sinatra, MD – Protect Yourself from These 19 Common Toxins

The Today ShowBoston Physicians Warn
Pollution’s Major Impact on AGING, BRAIN, HEART, and the WESTERN DISEASE CLUSTER.

Philip Landrigan MD – Chairman, Dept of Preventive Med, Mount Sinai School of Med


This important book from Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Science and Environmental Health Network presents in clear, balanced, and understandable terms. It offers prudent suggestions in light of current knowledge for reducing exposures and building resilience against environmental threats. This book is a ‘must read.’

BOSTON DOCTOR GROUP: “the¬†emerging evidence that toxic environmental exposures, in combination with nutritional, social, and exercise variables, contribute to the causation of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other chronic degenerative diseases of aging.”

Gary Gordon, MD – Webinar: T is for Toxins
Long, detailed lecture: Aging and Toxins
Are supplements needed?

Environmental Toxin Exposure – Webinar – Gary Gordon, MD – Source: Gordon Research Website (LINK)