Triglycerides: Increase Heart Attacks

A Deadly Combination: High Triglycerides and Low HDL (This deadly combination is often the result of “pre-diabetes” due to the high refined carb American diet)

High triglycerides increase your risk of a heart attack from 3 to 7 fold! High triglycerides may mean you are eating TOO MANY BAD CARBS!


Triglycerides problems are another result of TOO MANY BAD CARBS and SUGARS. Americans are overdosing on BAD CARBS, and it is a cause of the heart disease epidemic!

What are things you can do to reduce your TRIGLYCERIDES?

1) Omega 3 Fish Oils – 4 to 10 grams will decrease TG up to 30%


3) Reduce weight – especially belly fat.

4) Reduce REFINED CARBS, especially pasta, bread, crackers, snack chips, and other “goodies”

5) Eliminate HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP – this ubiquitous sweetener is found in everything from beer to bread.  HFCS will skyrocket your TG 30% or MORE!

6) Niacin– which is simply natural vitamin B3, can dramatically reduce TGs, and heart attack risk – take 1,000 – 2,000 mg a day of a slow release nicotinic acid like “Slo-Niacin”.

7) Prescription drugs – particularly the fibrate class (Tricor, and Lopid), Lipitor, and some diabetes drugs.

8. TARGET TG LEVEL is 60 – at 60 or below your TG level will NOT CONTRIBUTE to arterial PLAQUE.

9) Reduce TRANS-FATS and fried foods

10) Increase fiber intake – this binds the fats in the intestine so they aren’t absorbed into the circulation

11) Restrict ALCOHOL.  Alcohol is a sugar, and sugars turn into fats, specifically TRIGLYCERIDES.

12) Supplements:  vanadium, cinnamon, chromium, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol, RED YEAST RICE, pantethine (600-1200 mg / day decrease TG by 26-71%), L-carnitine (1-3 grams / day decreased TG 13-49%), garlic, magnesium (improves lipoprotein lipase enzyme function which breaks down TG), benfotiamine, and berberine.

13) Exercise is critical to improve glucose and insulin sensitivity and reduce weight.

Eat From These Food Pyramids to Improve Health (and TGs)


What Causes High Triglycerides?

The liver produces a particle called “very low-density lipoprotein”, or VLDL, packed full of triglycerides.

The higher your triglycerides, the more VLDL you will have.

Sometimes triglycerides are increased due to genetic factors. More commonly, triglycerides are high due to excess weight, indulging in processed carbohydrates, and resistance to insulin (metabolic syndrome).

What is a safe level of TGs? (Answer: <60)

You’ll notice that low HDL and increased triglycerides are also patterns that characterize the metabolic syndrome (or PRE-DIABETES).

Pre-diabetes is RAMPANT in the US. Over 50% of adults show at least some of the characteristics of the metabolic syndrome.

In our society of inactive, sedentary lifestyles and packaged, processed foods, metabolic syndrome is rampant.

That means increased triglycerides from VLDL are also running rampant.

The result: a 3 to 7-fold increase in risk for heart attack.

Eliminating the metabolic syndrome is another battle we need to fight to conquer plaque and heart disease.

Are you eating too many empty carbs in the form of breads, pastas, packaged foods, and grains.  Many of the foods Americans eat, thinking they are healthy (like “wheat bread”), are actually almost pure sugar.  These foods can cause silent inflammation, weight gain, accelerated heart disease, and more susceptibility to cancers.