Women’s Hormone Balance and Replacement – Menopause and Perimenopause

Click on the audio button for a thorough informative discussion of hormone replacement from one of the experts in the field of endocrinology and women’s HRT

The acclaimed endocrinologist  Diana Schwarzbein M.D. offers the final word on menopause treatment and teaches women to relieve the symptoms brought on by the loss of sex hormones during menopause by catering to and

improving her entire hormone system not just the sex hormone system.

This revolutionary idea is at the forefront of Dr. Schwarzbein’s program — to not focus solely on the sex hormone system as other books on menopause and HRT mistakenly teach is the effective way to optimal health and longevity because

when the entire hormone system works synergistically menopause symptoms are eliminated and a woman’s balance and health are increased.

Menopause through an endocrinologist’s eyes will prove to make sense to many women and health practitioners looking for definitive answers on safe and effective menopause treatment.


* Why human-identical hormones are safer than hormone drugs: Using supplemental sex hormones that have a chemical composition identical to those made by the body prior to menopause is the only way to restore hormonal balance.
* Ways to take charge of menopause: Understanding the differences between human-identical hormones and hormone drugs and the correct method to restore these supplemental hormones enables women to take responsibility for their own menopause management.