QUESTION: If milk is 98% fat free, what percentage of the milk is fat? 2% fat … right?

98% fat-free milk has 35% fat!  Why? Food companies are allowed to add water to dilute the % BY WEIGHT.  But, it is not weight, but CALORIES that are important.

The Case of the Missing Blueberries: TOTAL CEREAL W/ BLUEBERRIES?

Junk Food = Junk Mood = Empty Calories = Chemicals

Tips to Keep You Lean and Healthy

You can can eat as much as you want without gaining weight IF YOU FOLLOW THESE RULES:

1 Eat mostly whole (real food) that is unprocessed

2 Eat mostly a plant-based Mediterranean diet w/ a COLORFUL mix of vegetables and fruits

3 Limit the amount of lean animal protein (you might call it a “SALAD AND WILD SALMON” DIET)

4  Empty carbs and processed food are a major problem – they can be as addictive as cocaine (see related post)

5 You need GOOD (SLOW) CARBS – natural fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and fiber – this will satisfy you

6 Our BIGGEST MISTAKE has been turning away from foods in their NATURAL STATE

The blueberry-like appearance of small bits in the cereal, TOTAL: w/ Pomegranate and Blueberries, are due to the use of artificial colors like Red #40 and Blue #2, combined with various oils and sweeteners.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO VIDEO

7  Natural foods are nutritious and contain much of what is good for us, including vitamins and minerals, fiber, and the cancer-fighting antioxidants.  They reduce our risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Because of their nutrient and fiber content, natural foods keep us slim.

8 Eat healthy, natural foods with a high ratio of nutrients to calories and you will not be fat and you will not go hungry. You will be healthier, and maybe happier, too. JUNK FOOD = JUNK MOOD

9 Convincing yourself that it is PLEASURABLE to eat chemically laden bad food (possibly leading to obesity, moodiness, and poor health) , is a PLEASURE TRAP.  The real pleasure is in becoming healthier.

Learning to eat well and exercise is the only solution to weight loss.


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