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ProductAMPMOther:Instructions & Comments
180caps DFH
(Comprehensive Multivitamin)
2-3 caps AM
1-3 cap PM
The full dose is 6 caps a day.
Advanced MULTIVITAMIN. Focused on blood sugar/insulin control and energy. Glucose and insulin OVERLAPS w/ brain preservation. If you are taking many other supplements w/ this, 3 caps / day is recommended. If taking alone the dose is 6 caps per day (3 in the AM and 3 in the PM)
(Brain / Memory Formula)

1/2 - 1 teaspoon a day
Put in AM Smoothie
Choose betw this product & "Memory Pro" below.
You can choose this brain memory product if you prefer a powder. You can choose MEMORY PRO (below) if you prefer capsules. OR, YOU CAN TAKE BOTH SAFELY, FOR A MORE AGGRESSIVE PROGRAM.
Brain Vitale CAPSULES
60 caps by DFH
1 in the AM1 early PMMay interfere w/ sleep, so take early PM
MEMORY PRO 180caps by Pure
(A 2nd Brain / Memory Formula)

2 caps
1 cap PM
Memory Pro= caps
Memory Pro has many brain and memory ingredients. It is difficult to find brain formulas with this wide range of ingredients in good doses.
KYOLIC GARLIC RESERVE 600mg 120cap Odorless Garlic. Artery and Brain. Available in LIQUID also, see below

2 caps
2 caps
There are 650 studies on Kyolic orderless garlic. Garlic has WIDE RANGING BENEFITS for the heart, brain, and immune system. Great supplement and cheap. Listen to AUDIOS.
KYOLIC LIQUID GARLIC 4oz Odorless garlic. Available in caps also, see above
1 teaspn / day
Put in AM Smoothie
1/2-1 teaspoon a day anytime.
Choose either the caps above, or this liquid. The liquid tastes like soy sauce. Kyolic aged garlic in studies at UCLA reduced arterial plaque 70%. 2400mg in UCLA study =1 tspn
NIACIN: Either of these
(1) Slo-Niacin - available OTC at drugstore
(2) NiaVasc - see ORDER link just to right

This link to NiaVasc
500 - 2000mg/d
SloNiacin may reduce heart attack, reduce mortality, and lower cholesterol. Please click MORE INFO and read dosing info. May cause FLUSHING.
NiaVasc by Xymogen. NiaVasc is nutritional supplement similar to Slo-Niacin (except no dye). Niacin is just vitamin B3, so NiaVasc is sold as a supplement.

This link to NiaVasc
NiaVasc can be ordered w/ the link. Slo-Niacin is purchased at drug stores.
NiaVasc and Slo-Niacin are very similar (NiaVasc has no dye). NiaVasc is purchased thru the link. Slo-Niacin at the drugstore. No prescription is necessary for either. You must read the dosing one the "MORE INFO" page - FLUSHING!
OmegAvail Ultra TG w/ VitD, K1, K2 by DFH (THIS IS A LIQUID)
1 teaspn / d
Put in AM Smoothie
Reduce DNA aging
For hi dosing suggest using liquid a put in AM smoothie. May reduce DNA aging and sudden cardiac death. This has added K2 and Vit D!
Vitamin D Supreme by DFH
5,000 iu Vit D + K2 50mcg 60caps
1-2 CAPS a day
This combines K2 50mcg w/ 5,000 iu of Vit D
Vit K2 - why K2 is so IMPORTANT TO YOUR HEATH -CLICK HERE. This product combines K2 - for bone, heart, and brain health you need 50mcg of K2!
FibroBoost 400mg 75caps by ARG
1-3 AM
1-3 PM
A favorite. Strong research support for benefits: inflammation, cognition, energy, heart, pain, and lean muscle. Active compound is Seanol.
Whey Cool Powder DFH
900gram powder Vanilla (Avail Choc)
1-2 scoop/day
Put in smoothie or any liquid
Whey has 1)High quality protein 2)Immune stimulating proteins. 2 scoops of this protein for breakfast will stabilize blood sugar and help w/ weight and muscle.
Lithium Synergy by DFH
2 AM
2 PM
Lithium synergy combines 5mg lithium orotate with B12 and TMG as cofactors. For mood balance and brain protection.
B12 5000 mcg Liquid Drops by Pure (high dose B12 under tongue)
1 dropper a day
1 dropper under tongue once a day
Dropper, not drops!
B12 is critical for energy, nerve health, and many others. It is difficult to absorb B12 in the stomach. Under the tongue is more direct.
DHEA 50mg by ARG
Avail in other strengths in shopping cart
1 cap a day
DHEA blood levels should be measured
DHEA is an adrenal hormone. DHEA decreases as we age. Replacing may improve hormone balance. Click on MORE INFO for great slides.
XanthOmega Dark Red Krill Oil 120cap by DFH (Krill = Fish Oil + anti-oxidants)
2-4 a day
1-2 in AM
1-2 in PM
Krill is a tiny shrimp-like fish. Very high in ANTI-OXIDANTS. 47 times the anti-oxid of fish oil. Strong brain support.
Inflammatone120cap by DFH (Anti-inflammatory)
2-4 a day
1-2 AM
1-2 PM
Great product. Contains many forms of anti-inflammatories. Vary dose depending on level of anti-inflammatory effect needed.
Inflammatone 240caps by DFH
Resveratrol Synergy 60caps by DFH
Superstar: Huge potential
1-2 a day
1-2 caps a day
Watch the video
Resveratrol, in a famous Harvard experiment, increase lifespan in mammals 50%. It does this by prevention age related disease.
Q-Avail Nano CoQ10 200mg 60caps DFH
(CoQ10 important for energy)
1 a day
1 a day
If on statins may need more.
CoQ10 is a MAJOR ENERGY molecule and a very powerful anti-oxidant. Important for every cells energy production.
Protandim 30 caps - (Research showing major break through in oxidation - leading scientists are excited about this product)
1-2 caps/d
1-2 caps/d
Please watch 3 videos: ABC, Today, PBS
ABC Primetime, Today, and PBS reporting
One of the great scientists of the last 25 years discovers a blockbuster anti-oxidant. Major research backing up anti-rust or oxidation potential. SPECIAL SEPARATE ORDER. 45% reduction in oxidation (rust) by reporter in ABC Primetime clip.
Annatto Tocotrienols 60caps by DFH
(Tocotrienols are very strong anti-oxidants)
Take 1 PM
Take 1 in the eventing
This is the most active form of vit E. Most vitamins contain inactive vit E! Very strong anti-oxidant.
PLEASE NOTE: if you have any problems or questions, please call 512-791-2111, or email
Ultra B12-Folate 90 caps by DFH 26.00
Whey Cool Chocolate 900gram powder by DFH
Tegricel Colostrum by DFH
Twice Daily Multi 120 cap by DFH
Vitamin D Emulsi by DFH (drops)
D-ribose 150 gram powder by DFH
Memoractive 60 caps by Thorne
Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer
by LEF 120 caps
Cognitex w/ Pregnenolone
90 caps by LEF
Cocommune Bars
by DFH
Tegricel Colostrum
90 caps by DFH
Magnesium Glycinate Chelate
120 150mg capsules DFH
Anxiety Control
90 caps by Metabolic Maintenance
90 caps by DFH
A unique formulation specially designed for the ever-increasing number of “burned-out” anxious patients suffering from a unique combination of low cortisol and elevated catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine).
B12 drops 5000mg
High Dose by Pure
1 DROPPER a dayNOTE: 1 DROPPER a day
Cardio K/D 1oz
Liquid by Pure
1 DROPPER a dayNOTE: 1 DROPPER a day
Emulsi D3 1oz
Liquid by DFH
WARNING: 2000 iu per drop
1-5 DROPS a dayWARNING: 2,000 iu per drop
High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil
150cc by
OmegAvail Ultra TG w/ Vit D, K2
120 caps by DFH
Inositol Powder 100grams
by DFH $28.00
Inositol Powder 250grams by DFH $60.00
150caps by ARG