Kyolic Garlic: Inexpensive Powerful Heart Protection – 650 Studies


  1. CLICK HERE: Audio of PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGIST at UCLA: Kyolic may reverse heart blockage
  2. AUDIO: Really informative:  Kyolic’s benefits on IMMUNITY, FLU, HEART, BRAIN, and ENERGY
  3. Short VIDEO: Do you wonder what supplements you should you take?
  4. A list of Kyolics wide ranging benefits
  5. Study from UCLA: Kyolic reduces HEART PLAQUE 70%
  6. What makes Kyolic so powerful? Pharmaceutical fermentation
  7. Garlic and CANCER STUDIES: MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering Cancer Centers research.

Interview: UCLA Cardiologist Mathew Budoff, MD – Kyolic Garlic Benefits the Heart

UCLA Preventive CardiologistAudio: UCLA Studies on Kyolic GarlicKyolic garlic showed a 66% decrease in heart plaque progression
Mathew Budoff, MD

M Budoff MD Cardiologist UCLA

MATHEW BUDOFF, MD PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGIST, UCLA, director of cardiac CT UCLA. Dr. Budoff has done 15yrs of heart research w/ CT - CALCIUM SCORING, and has published over 100 papers on cardiology.

(3) Dr. Budoff's A,B,C,D,and E of PREVENTION

LINK: Healthquest Radio Show Interview

Expert: Jim LaValle – Informative Audio Describing POSITIVE KYOLIC RESEARCH

Jim LaValle
Reviews Kyolic Garlic
Audio: Research on the benefits of Kyolic GarlicKyolic Garlic: A quick tour through the extensive research
Jim LaValle - Leading Researcher Discusses Health Benefits of GarlicExpert: Jim LaValle is an educator and clinician in integrative health. In addition to a large clinical practice, he teaches at Univ Cincinnati and in the Dept of Family Medicine. He has written 14 books, 150 articles, and trained 1000’s on integrating natural therapies into practice.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: a summary of the world's research on this amazing product

Kyolic Products: Chose Liquid or Caps

Kyolic Reserve Aged Garlic 120 caps

High dose 600 mg per cap; take 2-4 a day
Average dose is 2 a day - bottle lasts 2 months
UCLA studies on 70% PLAQUE regression done w/ 1200-2400mg (2-4 caps/day)
650 studies in 20 years on Kyolic garlic extracts

Kyolic Garlic Liquid 4 oz - if you don't like PILLS

1 teaspoon = 2,400 mg
2400mg was used in PLAQUE REVERSAL studies
suggest taking 1/4 - 1 tspn daily
Tastes like soy sauce

A brief video on what supplements should you take? Dr. LaValle gives his expert opinion on the most important supplements

Jim LaValle, R.PH, CCN, MS

A leading expert discusses what basic supplements you should take?

What you will learn:
(1) The foundation of a good supplement program
(2) The cost effective approach to building a strong supplement program
(3) How Kyolic aged garlic fits in.

LINK TO: Jim LaValle's Website


Highly researched: 650 studies over 20 years on Kyolic
May stop arterial PLAQUE FORMATION (Budoff, MD, Cardiologist, UCLA)
Kyolic helps STOPS the 1st STEP in arterial disease: OXIDIZED LDL
Kyolic is DEODORIZED - other garlic causes the skin to smell
May improve immune function. In a Japanese study: REDUCED COLDS and FLU
The product is > 20 years old, made by a large Japanese pharmaceutical company.
Powerful ANTI-OXIDANT (raises GLUTATHIONE - our major anti-oxidant)
Raises the "good" HDL cholesterol -- Lowers "bad" LDL
Inexpensive. Minimal side effects.
May improve blood flow - improves "NITRIC OXIDE" a master controller of arterial dilation.
May prevent abnormal CLOTTING. Heart attacks occur when CLOTS form.
Active against H. pylori (ulcers)
May have anti-cancer properties
Bottom line: Kyolic protects your arteries and a lot more.
What makes KYOLIC different from other garlics? 1) ODORLESS 2) POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT

Key Research: UCLA – Kyolic May Stop Arterial Plaque

Kyolic Liquid Garlic

CLICK HERE LIQUID. Dose in UCLA study: 1 teaspoon a day. This liquid tastes like soy sauce, and can be put in a smoothie.

Kyolic Garlic CAPSULES

CLICK HERE CAPSULES: Dose used in UCLA studies: 2caps twice a day = 2400mg

Kyolic Garlic Reduced Calcium Scores

UCLA Study: Dr. Budoff, Cardiologist. 70% reduction of arterial calcium with 2400mg of Kyolic garlic.

  1. May reduce blockages (PLAQUE)  in the arteries (Editor: plaque or blockages are relentlessly growing in most of us as we age.  Studies have shown that 1,200 mg of Kyolic Aged Garlic reduce plaque  by about 70%)
  2. Improve blood pressure
  3. Reduction of OXIDATION of LDL cholesterol (Editor: the 1st STEP in forming arterial disease is the oxidation or RUSTING of LDL).
  4. Arteries relax (Editor: this is called ENDOTHELIAL FUNCTION. When the arteries relax, they provide better blood flow).
  5. Make the blood less “sticky”.  Improved FLEXIBILITY of Red Blood Cells.  (Editor: it is better when the blood flows easily. Aged garlic helps the platelets).
  6. Improves cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, and homocysteine.
  7. Improved brain function (Editor: studies showed an improvement in “cognitive” function).
  8. UV light protection. Improved IMMUNE FUNCTION.
  9. Reduction in colds and flu in a study of 180 people recently in Japan.
  10. Aged garlic is a CYSTEINE donor and increases cellular GLUTATHIONE (Editor: The Major Anti-Oxidant in the body).

Key areas where Kyolic has shown value:

  1. Detoxification
    • Because Kyolic aged garlic increases GLUTATHIONE is improves the liver’s ability to detoxify and safely get rid of toxins.
    • Improves mercury excretion.
    • Improves acetaldehyde (alcohol) handling.

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  2. Improved INSULIN function
    • High GLUCOSE and INSULIN are the foundation of aging and disease.
    • Anything that helps keep GLUCOSE and INSULIN low is helpful for the heart, skin, kidneys, eyes, and cancer prevention.
    • May lower TNF-alpha (high in rheumatoid arthritis) and Il-6 (a major inflammatory marker).

Improvement in Stress Hormones, Blood Sugar, Insulin, and Diabetes

  1. Improved recovery from ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  2. Reduced stress and activation of the SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM

May Improve Immune Function

Kyolic Liquid Garlic

CLICK HERE LIQUID. Dose in UCLA study: 1 teaspoon a day. This liquid tastes like soy sauce, and can be put in a smoothie.

Kyolic Garlic CAPSULES

CLICK HERE CAPSULES: Dose used in UCLA studies: 2caps twice a day = 2400mg

  1. Helps NK cell activity (Editor: the NK “killer” cells attack foreign invaders, and are anti-cancer).
  2. May help balance the 2 arms of the immune system (TH1/TH2 balance).
  3. Anti-viral effects against the flu.
  4. Reduces histamine release and may help allergies

Safety: 35 Years of Safety Studies

  1. Aged garlic (vs. non-aged allicin products) has no liver toxicity
  2. Clinical studies on > 1,000 subjects for side effects and toxicity.
  3. Contraindication studies: with Coumadin, Aspirin, Statins
  4. Because this is aged garlic there is no interaction with these blood thinners. Non-aged garlic, with allicin, can effect blood clotting.

Research Studies: Kyolic May Stop Arterial Plaque

Aged garlic extract (Kyolic) can potentially cut the risk of heart attack by its dramatic reduction of major risk factors for heart disease. This breakthrough that may help save lives was reported to the media in late February by the Research and Education Institute (REI) at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where the study took place.

Daily Kyolic aged garlic extract inhibited HEART BLOCKAGES and reduced blood homocysteine, another risk factor for HEART and BRAIN disease

The placebo-controlled, double blinded clinical trial, lead by Dr. Matthew Budoff, investigated over a year whether aged garlic extract alters the rate of plaque formation in coronary arteries of patients with heart disease, who were on cholesterol-lowering statin medication. 19 patients with an average age of 59 participated in the complete study. 9 ingested 4 ml/day (1200 mg/day) Kyolicaged garlic extract, while 10 ingested a placebo. Electron beam tomography (EBT), a non-invasive procedure, served to determine arthrosclerotic plaque progression by measuring calcium deposits (calcification) in coronary arteries. 

At year’s end, the results were striking – 50-70% less BLOCKAGE (Heart Saver CT Scan Calcium)

Kyolic aged garlic extract reduced coronary artery plaque build-up by more than 50%, compared to placebo. The garlic extract lowered blood homocysteine, while patients on placebo showed an increase; aged garlic extract also improved high density lipoproteins (HDL, the good cholesterol).

Made from organically grown garlic, the process of extraction and aging produces healthful water-soluble organosulfur compounds, such as S-allyl cysteine, and converts harsh volatile compounds, such as allicin, to stable beneficial substances.

The UCLA study adds new critical information to the body of data showing that aged garlic extract reduces multiple risk factors associated with heart disease. These include blood thinning (by inhibiting platelet aggregation and adhesion), a lowering of blood pressure, stimulation of blood circulation in capillaries, reduction of LDL (the bad cholesterol) and triglycerides levels and inhibition of LDL oxidation (oxidized LDL promotes plaques).

Heart Blockage or "Plaque" Reversing Over Time With DIET

The study was  striking, even in people with heart disease.  Aged garlic extract can be added to other routine medications for heart disease-such as statins-without side effects. As for healthy people, the study suggest that adding aged garlic extract to the diet would provide a preventive strategy against atherosclerosis and help maintain a healthy heart.


A study published in the Journal Nutrition Research (1987, 7:139-49) showed that a liquid garlic extract made by Kyolic caused a 12 to 31% reduction in cholesterol levels in the majority of test subjects after 6 months. The study showed that 73% of the subjects given the Kyolic garlic experienced a greater than 10% reduction in cholesterol, compared with only 17% of the subjects in the placebo group showing the same improvement.

If you have high LDL cholesterol levels, garlic supplementation is especially important because LDL cholesterol oxidation causes atherosclerosis, and garlic specifically inhibits LDL oxidation. And garlic helps protect the arterial lining against oxidation.

Most importantly, garlic prevents abnormal platelet aggregation (thrombosis) via several different mechanisms.

The formation of arterial blood clots is the primary cause of most heart attacks and strokes.

Investigators reported in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1996, 64:866-70) that the daily administration of 7.2 grams of Kyolic garlic powder for 6 months produced a modest reduction (of between 6.1 and 7%) in total cholesterol, compared with the placebo group. The more dangerous LDL cholesterol was reduced 4 to 4.6% in the Kyolic group.

Kyolic Fermentation takes 20 months

The fermentation of Kyolic garlic takes 20 months

The heart-healthy benefits of garlic include protecting the endothelial lining of the arterial system against oxidative damage.

A study published in Atherosclerosis (1999, 144:237-49) shows an actual reduction in buildup of fatty plaque in arteries in garlic-supplement users.

Fatty plaque is comprised of many substances, including cholesterol. When plaque accumulates in the coronary arteries, the condition can lead to heart attack. In a study of 280 adults, German researchers reported that participants who took 900 mg of garlic powder a day had up to 18% less plaque in their arteries than those who took a placebo, or “dummy,” powder. Male study participants who took a placebo had a 5.5% increase in plaque volume, while those who took the garlic powder experienced just a 1.1% increase in plaque buildup during the 4-year study period. By comparison, women who took the garlic showed a 4.6% decrease in plaque volume, while those who took the placebo powder had a 5.3% increase. Garlic may affect plaque buildup by reducing blood platelet stickiness (aggregation) and specifically preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol onto the lining of the arteries. Platelet aggregation helps plaque cling to the arteries.

Kyolic Garlic Contains Cysteine

Kyolic contains cysteine. Cysteine builds GLUTATHIONE, the most powerful cellular anti-oxidant.

An April 1998 study reported on the effect of garlic on blood lipids, blood sugar fibrogen, and fibrinogenic activity of 30 patients who received 4 grams of garlic daily for 3 months. The patients were monitored at 1.5 and 3 months when it was determined that garlic had “significantly reduced total serum cholesterol and triglycerides, and significantly increased HDL cholesterol.” With regard to fibrinogenic activity, it was determined that the garlic inhibited platelet aggregation (Prostagland. Leuk. Essent. Fatty Acids, April 1998, 58[4]:257-63).

An earlier study in June 1994, the University of Massachusetts Medical School published a report that found that those U.S. adults who consumed one-half to one clove of garlic each day showed cholesterol levels that were reduced by 9% (JAMA, June 1, 1994, 271[21]:1660-61). A survey of 7 out of 8 studies on garlic showed that dosages of between 600 to 900 mg of garlic powder (Allium sativum L.) produced a 5 to 20% reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides. (Fortschr. Med. (Germany) 1990, 108[36]:49-54). Other studies have shown that much higher doses of garlic were required for cholesterol reduction.

Human patients fed a daily dose of Kyolic (“Aged Garlic Extract”) over a 10-month study showed that “adhesion to fibrinogen was reduced by 30%-compared to placebo . . . and that . . . the beneficial effect of garlic preparations on lipids and blood pressure extends also to platelet function” (Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology [United States], 1998, 31[6]:904-8).

Kyolic Garlic Liquid

Kyolic comes in either CAPSULES or LIQUID. Click here for the LIQUID. The liquid tastes like soy sauce. 1 teaspoon = 2,400 mg, which is the dose used in the plaque regression studies.

Aged Garlic may prevent heart problems by:
(1) cholesterol reduction
(2) preventing abnormal blood clot formation inside of blood vessels
(3) protecting against LDL cholesterol oxidation
(4) protecting the lining of the arteries against oxidation (oxidation=rust)

Aged garlic is detoxified and thus deodorized.

A number of studies indicate that Kyolic may be more effective than raw garlic when it comes to boosting the body’s immune system.

Why Is Garlic Good For You?

Garlic is a very potent booster of natural killer cells (NK cells), which may protect against cancer.

Kyolic Garlic Reserve

Kyolic "Reserve" is 600mg per CAPSULE. 4 capsules a day = the 2,400mg per day used in the UCLA plaque regression studies.

The aging process that creates Kyolic produces a supplement whose benefits may be stronger than those of raw garlic.

Garlic and Cancer

Perhaps one of the most promising findings of research on the use of garlic has come in the field of cancer. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York has found that garlic inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the laboratory.

And in a study of colon cancer conducted at the M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Dr. Michael Wargovich determined that diallyl sulfide, a major component of garlic, reduced the growth of colon cancer in mice.

A related experiment showed that diallyl sulfide has cancer inhibiting properties in cancer of the esophagus and  prostate.

More trials on humans are needed.

LINK: National Cancer Institute: GARLIC and CANCER