Smoothie Recipe for Weight Control and Hormone Balance (Insulin)

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The video below is not the same recipe as recommended above. You can add different ingredients to your smoothie.

In the video, raw eggs are added, and raw milk is used. The recipes above are a good starting point.

Keeping the high glycemic “fast” sugars low is key (this is why fruit juices are not best). See 10 tips below.

10 Tips for Using Smoothies to Maintain Health and a Lean Body

1 Major research is clear – breakfast is critically important for weight control.

2 If you eat breakfast you will weight less. More specifically, if you eat 20+ grams of protein (which doesn’t raise glucose and insulin), and you keep the carbs low, you will stabilize your daily blood sugar and insulin.

3 Insulin is a powerful hormone. When you eat a sugary breakfast (bagels and jelly), your blood sugar and insulin will spike.  High insulin tells your body to “store fat”.  The high insulin will swing up and down all day. Cravings are common with this hormonal roller coaster.

4 By eating a healthy breakfast, stabilizing your insulin, you will have a steady glucose and insulin. Your body is more likely to build lean tissue and not store fat.

5 Weight loss is not about calories in – calories burned.  You must understand the basics of your hormones.  Weight loss and health is a lot about hormone balance (keeping your insulin stable and low, keeping your stress hormones low, and your muscle building hormones higher).

6 One study showed that by substituting cinnamon (which lowers blood sugar and insulin) for sugar and dairy (which spikes insulin)  in your coffee, you can lose 20 pounds in a year.  One reason is that this reduces your glucose and insulin spike with that morning coffee.

7 A smoothie can guarantee you will have a good fuel mix to start the day, and thus you will stay away from the muffins (which are like adult cupcakes).  Some of the additives in cereals, and processed foods effect your brain like hard drugs, setting the stage for binges and cravings. LINK TO VIDEO – FOOD ADDICTION (CHEMICALS IN OUR FOODS MAY BE LIKE HARD DRUGS)

8 You can add other supplements to your smoothie like omega-3s, vitamins, seeds, nuts, and greens.

9 In summary, you want to turn on your repair and regenerative hormones for the day, and turn off your stress hormones.  Your stress hormones (like insulin, cortisol, and adrenaline) will keep you fat, and turn off your good hormones.   LINK TO VIDEO – FOOD ADDICTION (CHEMICALS IN OUR FOODS MAY BE LIKE HARD DRUGS)

10 You must get health to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy. Health is a lot about hormones and chemistry, and less about calories in – calories burned.